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It would seem that your car has either an exhaust leak or possibly an oil leak. Does it smell more like burnt oil or engine exhaust? It could be a leaking valve cover or other gasket.

Have you checked your exhaust system for leaks? Does the engine seem noisey, like it needs a muffler.

Get under your car and look and see if you can find a telltale black soot (exhaust) trail. My 190E was leaking at the back of the car where the final muffler bolts to the rest of the exhaust system.

Since your fresh air inlets are in the cowling area by the wipers, you maybe missing a rubber molding strip the seals the engine bay area from the wiper area. Check and see if it is there. If you need a picture, I could take one and post it.

Does it smell of exhaust only with AC? How about when the AC is off?

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