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Best Bang for the Buck Repair List

I found an older posting in the Diesel discussion group with a lot of helpful and easy DIY repairs. Couldn't use many of the diesel tips but I found lots of good tips for the chassis and thought it might be a cool topic to revisit but for gassers instead.

Hands down for me it has been tracing and replacing all of the rubber connections between the hard plastic vacuum lines in the engine compartment. Originally I started by trying to tell which ones were bad but after a while it seemed smarter and more efficient to simply replace them all. Some were obviously bad while many others looked fine but weren't really holding a seal. Others got soft and collapsed under pressure thus blocking the hose.

It took about 2-3 hours (including some crawlng around under the car) to trace every single line and replace the rubber connectors with fresh vacuum hose from Partshop. Total cost about $8. I also did the ACC. Now everything is working better, smoother idle, better milage, more responsive, all my ACC buttons work. Its like a whole new car!

Ps: Here's the old link, lots of good stuff!

best fixes list?
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