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hi guys i have 400 e for almost 2 years now but i have never experieced anything more than 16.5 mpg i m amazed by ur cars when i m the only one with original 50,000 miles i use sunoco too 94 once a week and usually 93 why is that mine is also a 92 manufactured came out on road in 93 i have never replaced teh o2 sensor yet dealer says that when i reach 60000 miles i should get that service done and they will be able to replace teh sensor i just changed that little sensor in the air intake pipe a month ago but still i havent noticed any change in teh milage
should i get the o 2 sencor before getting to 60000 miles inorder to get better milage
one more thing my cars idle gets jumpy mostly in rain no one has figured out the reason so far have taken it to the dealer twice both times they said that the supressor switch were bad and they replaced teh bad ones twice they have replaced the spark plugs but the problem presists teh funny thging is this that it usually wont do that sometimes but its really annoying when it happens though what do u think guys this small problem might be the cause of poor(or bad) fuel milage i would love to c 20miles in my car tooo...... im so jelous (just kiddding)
400e RULES all the way..........
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