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Question Sunroof seal replacement

We just spent $700 in rust repairs to make the cabin dry. The passenger side is now dry, but the driver's side still has water. I began to suspect it was coming from the roof rather than the floor (even though the ceiling looked fine... they must have designed it so everythign travels down the wall). With a watering can I was able to determine that the rubber seal on the sunroof has come loose in one spot. I can find the part on-line here, but the service manual doesn't cover replacing it. Is it just a matter of taking off the old and putting in the new? Any secret handshakes you have to know?

Oddly enough, there is now water accumulating in the floor of the back seat too (driver's side) which I had not noticed before. I'm hoping it's the same source. On the upside, I don't have to remember to pack water for the dogs.

Sigh, did I mention it rains every damn day here?

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