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This is a chronic problem and the most frequent culprit is a clogged body or sunroof drain. These are located at the hood hinge mechanism under the hood, and usually fill up with tree "droppings" like leaves and pine needles, pollen pods and so on. The sunroof drains are located in the "A" pillars and the "C" pillars on sedans, not sure on a wagon. They can be blown out with compressed air.

In reality the rubber and felt seals really serve to make wind noise low enough not to bother you at speed and merely limit leakage to something less than the drainage features can handle. The metal roof hole is larger in all dimensions than the hole on inner roof and interior liner. There are small gutter like features (cofferdam?) around the outside edge of the inner hole to lead drainage/leakage away from the path to the interior and out to these drains. Technically they should be able to handle the job with no seals in place, although parking on a hill or tipped to one side might overwhelm them since only one or two would be called into service.

When they get clogged with junk, also usually tree droppings, they make the water find another path, which often means the water passes through the car's interior.

There are also cases reported where the windshield and rear window seals fail, crack, or break off in chunks and let water into the areas where it was never intended. Once again, the path to the lowest potential energy can pass through the car's interior.

This is a repeat problem brought up on the site and you should be able to do a search and find lots of discussion. Good luck, Jim
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