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Battery Based Water Leaks

I am doing the ritual leak repair work on my 83 300D sedan. Last summer I found a BIG hole under the battery tray or what was left of it. At the time I was so disgusted with the car all I wanted was to patch and dump it. Well, that was last year and it's sort of grown on me like a mouldy fungus. I used that spray foam in a can to try and patch it up. Glommed it in there then trimmed it back so I could get the battery tray back in. I'd like to make it a little more waterproof. Do you think covering everything with a couple of layers of good duct tape would do the trick? Removing the spray foam seems pretty impractical. I am thinking of using the duct tape then spraying it liberally with the stuff that's sold as a leak stopper for pipes. I know the crap doesn't work with pipes but I'm hoping it'll do an ok job for this area. Anyone had any luck patching up this area? Real tough, lots of wires going through and hard to get at too. Thanks for any advise.
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