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Well, time to pony up the truth for those who might follow. I should have taken the advice to replace the injectors all along but I had to learn the hard way (typical -ask my girlfriend).

After about a week the old injectors started to clog and show the old symptoms again. I bought new injectors and installed them over the weekend along with a new fuel filter and check valve. Huge improvement! It feels like a %15 increase in horsepower along with noticeably lower idling. Now she's sharp and responsive off the line without the slightest choke or stumble and she stays at 700 rpms without the slightest bump or bobble. I'm sure this will mean better milage too.

I replaced all the rubber hoses and all the rubber vacuum line connections while I was in there just for good measure. It was a very rewarding and realitively easy day's work. I'd recommend it to anyone pushing 150K in a heartbeat.
1988 420SEL 170K
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