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I agree entirely with what Martin said although I would suggest one thing. If you're going to DIY, first replace your injectors (because you really aught to with that kind of milage), that'll run you about $250 in parts. Along with that replace your fuel filter ($20) and your check valve ($11). See where that gets you, if you running well then you are all set. This is what I did.

Otherwise the accumulator is the most likely suspect as the fuel pumps seem to run forever. Its about $120 or so and you wouldn't want to replace it if you don't need to.

Also, do a few searchs on 'fuel pressure leakdown' and 'vapor lock'. Read a bunch of posts and look at what stevebfl has to say in particular. Although I didn't have a hot starting problem (vapor lock) after reading his discriptions I realized that my case was almost classic fuel pressure loss.

good luck!

Also, take the time to do Kbowers fuel distributor test, pray this isn't your problem, its big bucks.
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