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the thread is to thin, the width beetewen the thread and the inner wall of the bolt is too thin so i dont think easy out will work i fear it will damage the the thread of the pump. tomorrow im taking the pump to several mechanics and hear what theyd do and choose the best one, and even though its gonna be harder and maybe not up to spec im gona have to have the bolt made, we dont have mercedes benz salvage yards or anykind of salvage yard except for maybe trucks, what about the cleaning technic, should atf be fine after i clean it or should i grease something, ATF is whats used in the sls pump and the pump was full of it all round i didnt see anything else, and im sure when i go back to the car ill figure out where to seal it, thakx kip youve been of great help, if you can, email me about youre trip to colombia id like to know more about it
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