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I did this job on the W126 560 SEL.

Not sure about having to drop, or lower the subframe on the 107 though. I ended up not compressing the springs, doing everything but the lower control arms and front guide rod mount as both were intact and still tight. Everything else was replaced.

As far as a blow-by-blow, it is all fairly straight forward. Pull the wheels and brakes, then the rotors. Once all the stopping aprts are off, you have to remove the ABS sensor if equipped ( easier to push our of the spindle once everything else is gone, a real bear to pull out). Next remove the backing plate, should be held to the spindle by three 5mm allen bolts. Now you have to unbolt the steering arm from the back of the spindle. Doing this keeps you from having to split the tie rods from the arm, just remove the arm and swing the out of the way while still attached to the ti rod.

Once you have everything stripped off you are ready to attack the ball joints.

Loosen the upper and remove the nut. A couple well placed taps with a 3 lb sledge should free the upper. Once that is loose from the spindle you can swing the top of the spindle outward to gain access to the lower balljoint nut. Once that nut is off, a couple more well placed hits should free the lower. BIG TIP: be sure to thread the bearing nut on the spindle BEFORE knocking the lower balljoint free. If you have to hit with any force, when the joint comes free, the spindle will fly to the ground and guaranteed it will hit on the threads (don't ask how I know).

Not sure if the 107's have guide rods or not, so that is all the blow-by-blow for now.
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