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You might want to consider that the higher capacity alternator's little or no more money than the original, and the wiring's a 5-minute job. It's simply the alternator from an E320 of '94 or '95 vintage.

My intent was for Robi to be aware of his options, and since the original alternator output was IMHO marginal at best (or else why would it have been increased in capacity in later W124s similarly optioned??) he might want to consider the upgrade. I know that I would've stuffed in the higher-capacity unit had I known such an upgrade was so straightforward. An alternator's kinda like a battery (or a motor )in my view; can't be too big. Larry, have you done the alternator on your '88 yet? Not trying to jinx you or nuthin', just curious...actually I'm knocking on wood for you on this end, given your recent vehicular woes; I wish you nothing but smooth sailing!

Whatever gets done, good luck with it.

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