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>This chapter concludes with the 300E purring at idle like the well-behaved creature Mr. Benz intended.


>Adjustment turned out to be a non-event.

That means, you didn't adjust anything? mhhh...

I did the change of the potentiometer yesterday and didn't have much time for testing yet.

IMHO you have to calibrate the potentiometer. Voltage between pin 1 and pin 2 should be at 0.75V +-0.25V at idle.

Calibration of the lambda (EHA or pin 3 of X11) has to be done afterwards.

>I can now start the car thru the drivers window. Once. No more start, it dies, start again. No need to press the gas pedal.

That is the same I recognized yesterday, immediate start when warm on the very first revs of the starter. great.

>I do have one question...after arriving at a destination and putting the shifter in park, idle holds steady at around 1000rpm. Is this by design, or is this something I should adjust out?

As written before, you should check the adjustment of the poti. Very very small movements will lead to significant changes in the voltage. I had the same high idle before adjustment... and got a constant 10%-fault at pin 3 of X11.

How much did you pay for the potentiometer?

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