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Question W126 280SE: Leaded vs Unleaded Fuel - fact or fiction?

This is a question I have asked many technicians and received various answers. I have a 1983 Euro W126 280SE (engine number 11098922036922).

This has been running on leaded until recently, and has required lead replacement additives with every gas fill. A poll with virtually all independant workshops and technicians have yielded a "don't bother putting additives" based on:

1. Cars of that vintage that have switched without modification have had no problems,

2. Valve seat recession is bull****, and

3. No sense to change perfectly working valve seats until required i.e. damaged.

However, the local MB dealer has advocated a conversion before using pure unleaded.

Will welcome any light on this confusion!!?


1983 w126 280se
1983 w123 200
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