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Unhappy 1994 RHD C180 driver's door internal trim

The driver door interior trim which consists of some kind of a backing board with Mushroom/cream beige colour fabric with those ugly criss cross stripes on it has elbow pressure/poke damage. The backing board has collapsed in an area between the wooden trim strip and the door arm rest. Its left a huge dimple with the cloth still holding on to the broken bits of the backing board . Its giving me the s..ts when I look at it and when I have to place my arm on the armrest. I have been looking for a replacement for this part only if it is available anywhere in the World. I think it can be removed and replaced although everyone out there like dealers are quick to say I have to change the whole door or the whole door's internal trims including all the plastics, fabric and rubber!!! I don't need any more "stealers". Some loose items or broken board is making rattling noises when the car goes over rough roads or bumps.
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