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Rick has offered about the only tip you need, and actually on your car that is more or less automatically taken care of as is everything else on your particular model.

The automatic climate control system does not engage the compressor after start up until after a short delay that is there to ensure that oil pressure is present prior to clutch engagement.

The ACC also will kick in the compressor occasionally in our winter climate which satisfisfies the need to turn the compressor to keep the seal lubed.

There is really nothing you can do except set you ACC temp wheel where you like, punch the middle button of the control unit and press the auto fan button. Once this is done just forget it until it doesn't cool any longer.

There is really no preventive maintenance that you can do or that is required.

I cross my fingers every spring hoping that my difficult to change evaporator on my 124 car has yet to spring a leak.

Good luck,
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