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420 SEL Starting Problems + Low idle etc :(

Alright, a few months back I was having a problem with hard starting and the idle was always high after the car had warmed up (>1K). So now after having changed the fuel pump check valves, fuel pump relay replaced, OVP replaced, Bosch fuel pumps bench tested, Fuel filter replaced, techron ran twice; there seems to be no imporevement on the hard start issue and a wierd problem arose yesterday (which took care of the high idle), all of a sudden the car has started having a really low idle. Less than 1K, and it stalls every once in a while (and sometimes this is very dangerous situation), usually when I am braking (i.e. don't have the gas pressed) and comming to a stop at an intersection, the car's idle starts to drop and then it stalls (however it restarts without any problems).
Now the starting issue is that if after running the car, I park and and return after any time greater than 30 minutes it takes about 3-4 long cranks before it starts.
I think it can be anything from clogged catalytic converters to either leaky injectors or clogged injectors or a bad fuel distributor or a bad distributor and rotor.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
Oh and also how many fuel filters do 420 SEL's have and where (I know of only one, which is next to the fuel pumps).
Also the car has 179,000 miles and it is a 1989


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