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300D No start, only with gas held to floor, no power


I'm having trouble with my 300D 1984 om617 in Philadelphia. I have been running it on Centrifuged WVO for about a year. Yes I won't be doing that anymore, I'm buying a bio diesel processor


The car ran just fine and about a month ago I went to fill up with regular Diesel. From that point forward the car kept loosing power. I would say withing a 3 day time span.

I replaced the fuel filters and it ran a little better but not much. I switched the suction and return lines. It didn't run any different. I rebuild the lift pump and installed a new primer pump (Bosch). That didn't do anything.

I installed new Monarch injector nozzles and don't have a pop tester, but it quieted the engine down, less clackety but didn't improve power. I did find 4 of 5 (old) nozzles were just about seized. And I will be pop testing new nozzles. I just received shims in mail in case they do need adjustment.

Lets see I bought a new injection pump and didn't want to mess with timing. I removed delivery valves from car and found them pretty clean. I installed delivery valves from other IP and used new crush washers. The delivery valves didn't improve issues.

I did pull one element from IP in car and used a dial caliper to mark position to 100 thousands. It was clean and fine.

The compression was checked (After a valve adjustment) -
1 - 405

2 - 395

3 - 340

4 - 390

5 - 340

Is there anything wrong with compression? Why it doesn't run right.

I saw forums online that show caked up rings and I decided to remove head and check pistons. Last night I pulled #2 piston to check. Its almost perfect. I can still see machine marks on cylinder wall and the piston had very minimal carbon buildup.

Two of the pre-chambers on head # 5 and # 3 had some caking on them. And I think #3 had one plugged up hold.

Otherwise this is where I'm at. I don't really want to tear down the engine anymore, if I don't have to.

Everything I have done, has been from hours of research and hasn't yielded a solution. The only remaining solution would be to replace IP. Maybe the elements started wearing out?

Any other thoughts?
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