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For diesel engines in general.:

When the injector pump is in the start position and engine stopped, the fuel rack should be a full fuel. Having to push the throttle to start tells me that the rack is sticking.

Running real diesel after running glop fuel probably cut loose stagnant glop. As a side note, don't run motor lube oil / ATF as these are not designed to be burnt. If anything 2 stroke oil in the fuel could be of some benefit as a pump lube.

Define " bought a new injection pump " 100% new / rebuilt / used ? Taking apart the first two isn't a good idea when trying to fix a suspected bad pump.

Don't randomly take things apart without diagnosis. I don't know this engine specifically but the compression numbers look good enough the engine should start and run without difficulty.

Also, when chasing a suspected compression leak, always do a cylinder leak down as this tells you where the air is leaking out. While not a problem in your case, a cylinder leak down is the _ONLY_ reliable way to find a compression to coolant system leak.
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