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Thanks for all of the responses,. I will answer them back as I get time throughout the day.

Does anyone have the torque spec for head bolts? All I could find is the torque sequence.

Diesel911 -. Thanks for the response. I will run some paint thinner through the pump with the primer pump. Hopefully it's just something sticking. The car took about 30 seconds to get any power with the foot to the floor.

I couldn't find any illustrations onpine showing what part of the IP could be sticking. When I removed the element, the rack seemed to be moving just fine and turning the way it should.

Although once warmed up, it took alot longer to get any power to the car.

If the rack is stuck, why wouldnt the car idle properly?

It's a turbo 300D

I used a dial caliper to measure the element spacing prior to removal.

barry12345 - piston rings weren't loose. The relief valve on IP was checked and spring adjusted. Was clean. I will run thinner through the IP and flush IP.

Didn't see any growth in tank. When you say Elements in IP could be over tolerance what do you mean? Dirt and crud is stuck between them?

Phillytwotank -. Linkage was tight. I ran car from injector pump and moved linkage by hand no change.

97 SL320 -. Thanks for the message. Rack is most likely sticking. Thank you!

The spare injection pump is used/known good pump.

Leakdown test. I'll definitely do that when I need to test engine.

Hopefully this IP can be cleaned enough. I'm not looking forward to replacing IP. Can delivery valve be removed from #1 and a dial caliper used to time pump to motor? I've seen it done that way on Cummins p pumps.
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