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Originally Posted by jay_bob View Post
If you get a CPO pay the extra money for a 2 year extension on the warranty ($2800 on my 19k E350). This gives you a total of 3 years with no mileage limit. Only thing CPO does not cover is cosmetic flaws, so go over the car totally, and have dealer fix everything, before agreeing to the deal.
I would get a copy of both the CPO and the extended CPO warranties. The emission system component coverage is quite different from the overall coverage, at least here in Canada. And from what I have read from other owners same is true in USA, and coverage may not be as good as it is here.

The warranties say that if an item is not specifically mentioned, it is not covered. There are a number of sensors on Bluetecs. NOx (2), soot sensor and several others. These are not normally covered.

The Adblue supply has a tank, a pump, a level sensor. Parts can't be changed - they change the whole assembly out for a few thousand bucks.

I read that one owner had trouble getting a DPF for an E250. Apparently it is different from the one on the GLK. Both are $$$$.

When you get an emission related CEL on these diesels, a message comes up saying you are allowed 10 more starts. After that engine will not start. You have to get car to dealer or a shop with dealer capability to get the problem fixed (usually at great cost)

I already said this, but I would recommend staying well clear of Bluetecs unless you have deep pockets. These are not your legendary Mercedes diesels that will run forever (I have one of those too!)

In some other parts of the world, the E250 doesn't have Bluetec because of possibility of poor diesel fuel (must be low in S and biodiesel) My brother owns one and I believe it has a CDI engine. My dealer service manager says that he wishes he had one of those! I do too - our E320 is getting a bit long in tooth.

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