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Originally Posted by Graham View Post
I didn't have any problems either and I am sure that those like yourself with low mileage and good performance are bound to be defensive. But there are problems as I am sure you have read on the GLK forums.

This is one shops's post that crops up in several places:

I love the older Mercedes diesels and always wanted to buy a new one. When I did, I hadn't realized just how much they had changed. Still drive my 85 300D regularly!
Not defensive at all, just factual. What you read in the GLK forums is usually only the problems and there aren't that many of them. The problem is that the solution can be expensive. My dealer, in Rocklin, CA, a pretty high volume dealer, hasn't had ANY for the talked about emission problems. On the other hand, they are to go-to dealer for problems with the Sprinters converted to motor homes from the builders in the Mid West on their way to the dealers in CA that have had a few of those same problems.

I use my '85 190D as my daily driver, and that too is problem free!
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