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An idea...

I used to be heavily into Volkswagens years ago.

Yes, Beetles.

Now, keeping in mind that they are two entirely different animals, someone several years ago, sometime in the 1980's, had published a ridiculously detailed book on their conversion of a LH convertible to a RH, with all sorts of text and photos. There was also some heavy rust on it, of which all is completely addressed as well.

I would imagine it's still available someplace, reasonably priced, and while it's still just a rear engine VW convertible, it gives you a decent idea of the changeover process.

Of course, things have changed, I have moved on to the MB's, and I can't for the life of me remember the name of the book, but I would venture a guess that someone in a VW forum would know what one you are talking about.

Just an idea, really.
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