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When I restored my '78 W116, I commissioned a professional bare-metal repaint. However, the shop dragged their paws for a couple of months when they realised the enormity of the task, like removing four previous paintjobs, rust rehab, and disassembling loads of chrome pieces. A couple of half-stripped W107s and a W115 were likewise placed on the back-burner as the shop was more keen on the quick, fast $$$ late-model respray jobs. The shop delegated the odious labor-intensive paint-stripping task to apprentices and the occasional idle worker.

After two months of gentle suasion, small talk, and positive encouragement but with NO progress, enough was enough. I finally turned up with a few members of my old rugby club in a friend's tow truck ready to tow the poor W116 to another shop. I offered the shop owner cash for job done thus far (~30% of total cost).

Well, the shop pledged to finish the job in one week and true enough, four workers were assigned to the W116 8 hours a day.

My car came out beautifully exactly a week, nothing like an oven-baked bare-metal repaint on a 22-yr old car.

To SoundAdvise, get a tow-truck, mobilise some "large" friends, and tow your W126 to a shop that values your time and business. :p

'78 W116 280SE Euro (restored)
'95 BMW 325is
'84 Volvo 240GLM
'95 Proton Wira
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