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Thanks to everyone for all the advice. I think I am going to source some MB fluid from a local dealer and go with it. It's just that little extra piece of mind.

I swung by Overby's this morning for plugs (F8DC4), power steering filter and its related gasket and I showed them a sample of the rad fluid. Without hesitation the service manager said it was MB fluid. He could tell by the color. He does not sell the MB fluid nor do they use it. They use Pennzoil green. He suggested using that or Prestone pre mixed. He commented that the Prestone premix is nice because it requires no mixing

So I guess I just remove the red plug on the bottom of the radiator on passenger side.

My 60K was at 59,717 8/14/01 at Gulf Stream Motors in West Palm Beach, FL. I believe the 60K calls for radiator fluid change. I have the 60K stamp but not the Replace Coolant notation on page 72 of my service book. Do you think the omission was an oversight?

Anyway I'll just drain and refill to be sure.
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