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my diesel purge experience


I did a can of diesel purge for the first time ever in my car, as a 200k 'treat'. I have never used it, and I really doubt the previous owner ever did either.

Ill usually put a splash of rotella DFA into my tank every few tanks int he warm weather and nearly every tank in the winter, to keep water and gel in check. However, on a trip to TN a few weeks ago, I got a bad tank of fuel, and my mileage dropped from a rock steady 28.6-28.9 for the last 10 tanks, to 23 for that one. After I drove and refilled, I was back to the the 28 range. It seemed OK, but I figured it was a good time to do the purge.

It went through (I had someone watch it for me as I couldnt be around due to work), and now that I have run again on diesel Ive found that:
-the idle sounds faster, although the tach registers the same numbers as usual
-the idle sounds clearer
-there is less diesel knocking
-After everything was reconnected and I restarted on diesel, I let it sit. The first cold start, the car really smelled like strong diesel exhaust
-the car shakes slightly less at idle when hot (It didnt always do it anyway)
-the car doesnt feel like it has any more power
-throttle response is unchanged
-turbo lag/pickup is the same

All in all, I was neither impressed or unimpressed. It definitely seems a little different at idle, but thats the only thing I have noticed. Will I use it again? maybe. Ill keep using the rotella DFA from time to time, because it is pretty cheap by the gallon with rebate at wal-mart. I might do diesel purge in another 50k, but not until then... I can see how it would do a really good job in a car that is used around town or with a poorly maintained engine (mine always is used on highways).

So those are my observations, in case anyone is considering doing the lubro-moly diesel purge for the first time...

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