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The axle ratio is 3.27:1, and the 185/65R-15 tires are speced at 849 revs/mile.

For a 1:1 top gear the RPM at 60 is:

3.27 x 849 = 2776

I can't recall if the 190 auto had a lockup converter. If not, converter slippage would increase revs a bit (maybe up to three percent) from the computed number above.

Different revs/mile tires will not affect the speedometer/tachometer relationship. They will just affect speedometer error.

The 190s are geared fairly short because both the 2.3 and 2.6 have modest torque relative to the weight of the car, however, the five speed models have a 0.80:1 fifth gear with the same axle ratio, so at highway speed the revs are 20 percent less than with the automatic for more relaxed cruising and better fuel economy.


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