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Price update

Well I had to stop at pepboys on the way home to pick a few things up, and figured I would ask how much just to leak test the system. The guy told me $39 to leak test and $207 to recharge!! He told me I was misquoted over the phone the first time.

This makes me want to consider going to walmart and getting the 134a conversion. But the compressor is working and i see stuff through the site glass, not oil just some bubbles. And is ever so slightly cool, but by no means cold. So I would like to think that the system is semi-operable, perhaps just a very small leak as Larry had suggested. And I would just like to stay with the R12 after reading all the posts. I just cant help but think it may be less expensive to have the system leak tested and flushed and then I can take it from there with the kit.

Any thoughts?
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