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Bourdon Tube Leaking

If there's no apparent leak at the fittings for the oil pressure gauge, yet you still have an oil leak, the most likely source is inside the gauge at the bourdon tube.

Nothing else in the dash can leak enough oil to make that kind of mess. Plus, There's plenty of things under there that would allow that oil to run across to the ignition switch side of the dash.

The bourdon tube isn't replaceable so you'll probably have to replace the entire left-side of the cluster (fuel, temp and oil are all on assy); but, they're easy to change out and relatively easy to find a boneyard.

A PO of Marlene had blocked off the gauge because of an oil leak. When I pulled the cluster apart to replace the gauge it was apparent that the source of the leak was a breach in the gauges' bourdon tube.

I have no idea when her leak occurred but it was still a mess under there when I got her.

BTW-I saved the old gauge mechanisim; someday I'll may try to find the leak and silver solder the hole so that I have an extra mechanisim in inventory for my Benz fleet...
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