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Car: '78 W116 280SE Euro

Yesterday, after a combined freeway/city drive in 90 degree weather (including a 40 min. stop with engine and A/C on), I turned off the motor upon arriving at my mum's house. I started the car a minute later and ... ...NOTHING happened. No sound, no click, no nothing on the starter.

I went back in for a drink(s)to drown my sorrows and to contemplate potential hassles to come. After about an hour...on a hunch (hunches work when you're in a "4th down and 20 on your own 10 yard line" kinda situation)...I turned on the ignition AND lo and behold....the M110 DOHC I6 motor ROOAARRED to life...(First Down!). :p

Benz aficionados out there, what went wrong and then corrected itself? Is this a classic "hot starter" syndrome or are there gremlins in there that tend to appear on hot days (which we have lots of here)?

What can be done to rectify this affliction?


'78 W116 280SE
'95 BMW325is
'84 Volvo 240GLM
'95 Proton Wira 1.6XLi

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