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hayo moric
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1997 E 320 Trannsmision problem

I have problem on 1997 E-320 tranny doesn't shift from first to any gear . I checked codes with OBD II and I got PO-715 and PO-720 codes. I talked to friend of mine in Europe he had same problem and he told me to replace" Electronic kit unit" #A 140 270 0561.Unfortunly this didn't help me at all. Then I took car to MRZB dilership for inspections.They told me :car needs new tranny,tranny module and shifter module, What I don't belief because I bought this car a year ago with 40K from same diler who inspect car. Car have 66k right now and when I replaced Electric kit unit in tranny I didn't find any metal chips or any type of dirt from clutches and fluid was so clean .That is way I think there is some other problem. I also tried put two used tranny module from Wrecking yard but there was not changes.Maybe module needs to be coded? Any idea what it can be? THANK YOU Hayo
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