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DIY w201 differential swap

I picked up a new differential this morning for my 190E since the old one was leaking all over and was very very noisy. I went to a junk yard that had plenty of choice here in Canada, I even found a 190E with a standard transmission, which from what I know is very very rare here. On my way home I picked up the necessary tools and got to cleaning up the new differential.

As it turns out, I had some neighbours come over, and this couple that came by, has a huge garage with space for two cars and two tunnels perfect for repairs. They offered to let me use it to make the swap easier, and I took the offer since a differential is quite the heavy thing.

I got the old one out without too many problems, just one torq bolt gave me some trouble but I got him out alright.

Took me all evening, from about 6 or 7 to 11 to get the new one in place, tomrrow morning I will go and make sure all the bolts are in place with some thread lock on them and torqued to the right specs.

So far it was quite a work out but it's going real well, I'm taking my time with all the nuts and bolts making sure everything fits perfectly.

I wish I had a digicam to share with the rest of you guys, but no such luck yet.

1985 190E 2.3L - a constant project.
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