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Starter motor slipping? 300CE W124

Twice now in the past couple of weeks I noticed something on startup. I have a 1991 300CE, 120k. At the end of the startup right before I release the key, there is a “skidding” or “slipping” and as one member in his post put it “a not very pleasant grinding noise”. The first time the car did it, it was so brief, I wasn’t sure I even felt it. The second time it lasted longer and I definitely felt it. The kind of noise you hear from your car and you go “Uh oh”! I know nothing about starters so from the forum this is what I gather. The starter has a small pinion gear that may be damaged. The corresponding teeth on the flywheel gear may be damaged. The mechanism for retracting the pinion after startup may be faulty. So where do I start? Is removing, checking, overhauling a starter a DIY job?

1991 300CE
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