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I just did my front brakes and rotors on my 1991 300CE and it was a piece of cake. This was my first ever brake job and actually my first ever monkey wrenching. The caveat of course is that things can go wrong and it may take you much longer than you originally anticipate. (Frozen bolts, rusted on rotors, etc.) Be prepared and have everything on hand. Brake fluid, brake cleaner spray, antiseize paste, Loctite (for caliper bolts if you change rotors), anti squeal paste, etc. I had new rotors and bearing grease on hand and ended up replacing the rotors and repacking the wheel bearings also. This is a good time to flush brake fluid. I added speedbleeders at this time and that made flushing/bleeding a snap. It is a dirty job, so those disposable gloves come in handy.
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