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Front end clon.k - help me please

Hello again friends,

Lately my front end have developed a front end clonk especially at some slow driving load reversals. I jacked the car up on jerked the wheels at 12 and 6 a clock - nothing. When I did the same at 3 and 9 a clock I had the clonking.

After a bit of jerking the wheels and feeling around on all the different joint I concluded that the clonk is coming from the steering gear. My question to the forum is if there is someone that can give me the correct adjustment procedure to reduse the play. Ive done this before on an old Mercedes 200 i had a while back but never got satisfied with the result so I wanted to do this tight this time.

I dont want to buy a new steering gear because the dealer told me they are around 1500 USD.

Many thanks for hints on the adjustment and all comments on additional troubleshooting are appreciated.

Many thanks,

Mikael Westerberg
1984 500 SEL
Vanersborg, Sweden

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