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Unhappy C36 runs rough

Hello all,

I have a 1995 C36 and it has very recently started running rough. I did some routine maintance over the weekend and on my drive to work the car began to sputter. I cleaned and reoiled the K&N filter (very careful not to over oil the filter) as well as added some fuel system cleaner (prolong) to a fresh tank of gas. I have not changed the fuel filter in about 30,000 miles and I am wondering if the cleaner may have managed to partially block the fuel filter. Does this seem likely? The manufacturer does mention that older filter may need to be changed.

The car is due for its 120k service, but I was planning on doing some of that stuff myself (plugs, fuel filter, cabin filters, etc), which may also help fix the problem.

Can you guys think of anything else that might be the problem. I have no CE light as of yet.

1995 C36 AMG
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