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THe BEST mats by far are the Lloyds Mats, the HEAVY DUTY ones. They are about 38oz of luxurious carpet, nice and thick (provides additional sound proofing), are stain resistant and feature non-slip backing. I've not seen mats of this quality before. I just got a set for my CL and short of putting down lambs wool e.g. Jaguar Vanden Plas, these are the best.

Originally posted by Benzman500:
i expected that i would have to replace my floor matts so about 5 months ago i bought new gray ones ant today i lifted them up to vacum thy are ruined on the bottom the paper type stuff on the bottom was al lose and falling of. they look like my 15 year old floor mats after five months waht should i do call mercedes or just forget it.

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