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Hi Funola...thanks for your's so easy to pull injectors (now that I've done it about two dozen times, not by choice lol!), it makes sense to watch them...btw...the Monarks seem to have a pretty tight spray plume...fanning out to about that what you've seen? Seems tight to enhance hitting the ball for supplemental dispersion. On the rebuild side, my old injectors weren't rusty inside, and I did use a torque wrench...I think it was 25ft-lbs if memory serves correct. I had to do this (lapping and re-assembly) like three times before they stopped leaking...was confusing because it acted like a leaky return hose. those btw, seem to have to be clipped every time you pull them off to seal, or use a new section. What oil do you use? I've been using Rotunda 15W-40...
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