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Unhappy E420 w/ brake rotor @ 23mm & pad @ 10%

My front rotors are current at 23mm and the front pads are at 10%...When I was in service at the dealership, I was told the rotors are below minimum thickness and pads were almost gone, so I should replace them...I had already racked up a $1400CAD service bill, so I asked if it would be okay to not change them at this time, and the advisor said that I can still drive with this setup until my pad lights come should be OK...I reviewed some previous posts regarding change pads, and from other members on this board, it seems most ppl drive until the pad lights come on...but I wasn't sure concerning the state of their rotors...

Anyhow, I have not noticed any difference in brake feel driving as the brakes are in normal driving conditions...however, the other day, when I was braking hard for a light, I noticed that my tires would squeal, like the brakes locked...and the ABS came on a little "later" then before...this has never happened before...especially the tire squeal...has the rotor thickness got to a point it is so below minimum spec, that the ABS and other systems are not functioning properly?
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