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Yeah, because I have been reading, and they say do not put film in a lead bag, they said they will have to pull it out, then hand inspect it and send the lead bag through really high intensity xray. They said 400 speed film is fine for 4-5 checkpoints, and then 800 speed will be fogged immediately. They said to bring it in a mesh or clear bag, and say please hand check this, I have high speed film, and anything over 800 needs to be hand checked.

I bought 8 rolls of 800 speed, and I am going to get some 1600 and some 3200 speed to mix in with my 400 speed film so they cant argue with me. I plan to take pictures and have a set developed when I arrive so I know if my film is good or not, if its not good, Ill just buy film there and process it there.

Thanks for the advice.
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