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I lost a good low mileage 2500HD that I had due to what I suspect was the Chevy dealer mechanic not being clean enough during replacement of the injection pump under warranty. After the repair and only about 8 miles towards home, the engine started to sound like a 10 pound sledge was hitting repeatably. It was unbelieveably loud. I killed it immediately and had a tow truck take it back to the dealer. Dealer, of course, said it wasn't their fault. I had to pay for the #2 injector to be replaced. About a 100 miles later the engine blew that cylinder. Glow plug tip had been burnt completely off plus the piston was shattered for #2 cylinder. Probably no more than a 30 seconds of really loud hammering due to failed injector.

This site has some informed info on injector failure and resulting damage:

Diesel water damage - Karmakanix VW, Audi & Porsche

Title is misleading damage can occur from crud and/or a little water in fuel that reaches the injector(s) and messing up the spray pattern.
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