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I'm sure Lee will get on to this post as soon as he gets back from lunch, but until then I'll just tell you that the AMG Hammer was not a kit, it was nearly a complete rebuild of the Mercedes-Benz 300E to accomodate a V-8 engine. The cars were luxuriously appointed and retailed for about $130,000 US. The prestige created for AMG by this model motivated Mercedes-Benz to commission Porsche to engineer and assemble a factory V-8 conversion which resulted in the 500E.

That model is fully described in this forum if you do a search on the topic "E500". You can also check out my website,"need2speed".

Frankly, if you could find a Hammer to purchase, I'd suggest you'd be better off to consider the E500/500E instead as a better buy and less expensive car to maintain.

Dean Albrecht
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