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brake booster flare fitting.

Question about the brake booster line...

I had to replace mine (read:stupidity), new part arrives and I notice the end that attaches to the vacuum pump has this multi-elbow metal fitting. The previous line was a small flare fitting that connected directly to the plastic line.

This new elbow fitting... I don't know what to make of it, except that perhaps it's for a w123 with a different vacuum pump. With a bit of hose bending and materials yoga I managed to connect it, but it's really in the way now.

I noticed on the broken line that the PO must have been in the same position and replaced the elbow with a barbed flare fitting. I'd like to do the same, only I have no idea how to get that barb into the hard plastic!

I've been practicing inserting the barbed end onto the broken line (before I cut the new line end off)
I tried boiling the end to soften it -not enough heat. I tried heating it with a lighter -too much burning. There has to be a technique for this.
How is it done in the factory?

flare fitting to hard line
1981 240D 4sp manual. Ivory White.

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