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What I am going to say won't help with your specific issue. From what I have read most people replace the Vacuum Line because the one of the little nipples breaks near the Brake booster. I broke one of mine the first time I did an Oil Filter change. Apparently I leaned on the plastic tubing.

I was able to do a functional repair but always worried I was going to forget and lean on it again and ruin the repair.

What I finally did was replace the Plastic tubing with rubber vacuum Hose. That also allowed me to route a longer hose to between the shock absorber and the fender out of the way and it won't matter if I happen to lea on it.

I know you have a new part and want it to work but if you cut the plastic tube off and replace it with rubber hose you can route it out of the way and there is no reason why the rubber hose should not last like 10 years or more as long as no oil gets on it (rubber vacuum hose is often thicker.)

Or you could use some combination of rubber hose on the fitting barb and run the rubber hose over the plastic tubing.

So my suggestion is to one way or another use rubber Hose.

If you still want to shove the plastic hose over the fitting screw the fitting into the vacuum pump so there is something solid to push at and try heating the plastic tube with a hand held hair dryer. Maybe wrap some duct tape higher up so that you have something your hands can grip onto.
Lube the fitting with something like STP or grease of something.
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