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The original exhaust system installed at the plant is single piece from the converter back. For service the exhaust system is provided as two pieces. Your '92 has the original exhaust system. The '88 has had part of the exhaust system replaced - probably the center section.

When the center muffler on my '88 190E 2.6 perforated from corrosion, I bought a new center section, cut at the prescribed location and clamped it to the original rear section. The end of the new center section exiting the muffler is expanded to slip over the old or new end section.

Unfortunately if the rear section fails first it cannot be easily installed on the old center section since the original will not have the expanded pipe to slip into. In this case you will need a muffler shop to make the connection or replace both pieces.

The Ansa center piece I bought looked just like the OEM system and fit very well, except it was painted black, and I expect Ansa manufactured the original exhaust system.

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