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Originally posted by Kestas
Jay, I just checked out your link (didn't see your post before I posted).

Yes, it states that it's not only Daimler-Chrysler-approved for all Mercedes engines, but the Technical Bulletin states that it's Mercedes Benz-approved, which is a very specific statement. I would feel comfortable using this product on all my vehicles.

The Zerex G 05 Technical Bulletin gives good specifics on its product. I'm trying to compare it with Mercedes coolant specifics, which I cannot find. Both are glycol-based, phosphate-free, with corrosion inhibitors, defoamers, and silicates. I find that the Mercedes coolant contains Sodium Tetraborate and Sodium Benzoate, not found in Zerex G 05. I'm not sure of the significance of these two chemicals.
Isn't sodium benzoate the stuff that was in homer simpson's "frogut" ice cream in the simpson's halloween episode? Perhaps the MB Coolant is cursed as well...

On a more serious note, all this discussion prompted me to go out to the dealer and buy MB brand coolant and brake fluid. I'll post some details of my DIY job in the "W210 reliability" thread when I actually do the coolant and brake fluid flushes.
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