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part# discrepancy or chassis#... or what???

I am in need of replacing my brake booster vacuum hose for my 1984 300TD Turbo. Using the micro film the part# that should be used for my car is 123 430 58 29 (the 2 vacuum fittings are around 4 inches apart), however, in my car the original hose connected has the part# 123 430 74 29 (the 2 vacuum fittings is abount 1/4 inch apart). As it seems, the part# stated on the micro film is not the right one designed for the car, given the positions of the vacuum hoses. It can, however, be adapted using extended vacuum hoses. Pls shed light on the discrepancy in part#'s, which is really the correct part#? My chassis# WDB123 931 F005836 & engine# 61705212063199.
My problem is, I am in the Philippines, the shop ordered the part from Germany based on the microfilm part#. They refuse to refund my payment due to the fact that they claim the micrfilm part# is fool proof and it was an indent order. The only way I can refund is if I have enough proof why the part# in the microfilm is wrong, and why it should be the other.
Hope any of you can shed light on this matter. Thanks alot.
- Tippee
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