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the saga continues

Gilly, the car ran perfectly after the change of sparks until yesterday. I am motoring across the 401 to the same client where the issue first manifested itself, low and behold doesn't the car start acting up again. I'm beginning to think this client is hexxed. I pull into a service area, turn the car off, go inside to use the facilities and try and figure out WTF is going on. After about 2-3 minutes, I head back to the car, as I am exiting the building I notice black smoke billowing in the parking lot. Then I realize that the car is trying to barbeque itself. I got the car started and pulled it away from the other parked cars to a wide open area, shut it down, and headed for the back of the car. Got the trunk open, and grabbed my favorite "Mountain Gear" pullover and began to beat the flames out (rear bumper cover). In the background, I can hear "click, click, click" as I am doing my damndest to save the wax and polish job that I had done on the weekend. I get the fire out, turn around, and here are people off a tourist bus getting some neat vaction pictures for their collection. Total damage... one rear bumper cover, one pullover. Floated the car to the local dealer. Dealer's diagnosis.. one MAS gone wonky (passenger side which governs driver's side bank). Dealer indicates that when the MAS goes south, it fails to full fuel. The ambient outside temperature was higher yesterday and probably contributed to the correct mixture for combustion, the first time the ambient outside temperature was near freezing probably preventing a fire that time. Dealer indicates that the cost of the bumper cover and paint will be considerably more than the MAS. I guess the part that gets me is that the MAS worked alright after the initial change of plugs, and did not act up in any way, shape or form, until yesterday.
Anyway, the car is apparently fixed mechanically now, and just waiting for the cosmetics to be repaired. I am at the other end of the province with the wife's sl; I best not scratch, dent, or burn this one.

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