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booster vacuum hose... which one????

I need to replace the booster vacuum hose of my 84 300TDT... the problem is given my VIN# a different vacuum hose is shown in the micro film as against the original part that came with the car.

Micro film part# 123 430 58 29
(the 2 outlet vacuum fittings that attach to the straw like vacuum lines are positioned far apart, thus the vacuum lines are too short to attach to it)

part# that originally came with the car: 123 430 74 29
(the 2 outlet vacuum fittings are positioned next to each other whereby they perfectly attach to the straw like vacuum lines)

From what it seems, the micro film part# is definitely not the correct one. What may have caused such discrepancy?? Can anyone please shed light on this. Thanks in advance.
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