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It's an oil change, air filter, spark plugs, maybe a fuel filter and O2 sensor, and most of the rest is "check this, check that". When I had my initial 1000 mile service done at the dealer back in '88 I received a two-sided "M-B Maintenance System" sheet that has all the service jobs listed with a check box for each one. The initial inspection, 7.5K lubrication, 15K maintenance, and 30 and 60K additional jobs are in separate sections and they are additive, so at 60 and 120K, maintenance would include all jobs in the 7.5K, 15K, 30K, and 60K lists. There are also several jobs that should be performed on a time basis such as antifreeze and brake/clutch fluid replacement.

I just made a copies of this form and have used it to record all my DIY maintenance ever since. I keep them in a two-pin file folder along with the substantial number of warranty ROs, so I have an easy to read chronological record of everything ever done to the car going back to the delivery inspection checklist.

I also have a later 1989 copy, which is four sheets. It's the same basic work. They just reformatted it from two to four sides to make it a bit more readable and cut the fuel filter change interval from 60 to 30K.

Just ask your dealer for a blank copy of the current sheet or one from the '87 era if they still have a copy to see all the various maintenance jobs and intervals. Also, this sheet is published by DB, so it's based on their recommended maintenance schedule, not the dealers, which sometimes halve the frequency of everthing.

Like most modern cars the scheduled maintenance is nothing more than fluid, filter, and spark plug changes. The rest are various inspections, (like brakes and driveshaft flex disks) and there's no reason why a competent amateur cannot do the basic mainteance and inspection tasks.

I think the front of the warranty book also references the various recommended maintenance tasks for each mileage interval.

Though the sheet says to change the O2 sensor at 60K, I did not do so as I had no indication that it was faulty. Since I now know how to check the actual output of the O2 sensor with an oscilloscope, I've just added that job to my 15K maintenance tasks, and I won't change it unless it shows faulty operation.

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