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Hi Brian -

It's actually surprisingly easy to access the expansion valve. The hi/lo side lines are held to the valve by a single 8mm (I think) nut. It can be undone reasonably well with just a common open ended wrench. Be careful not to drop the nut. I used a magnet to grab it while undoing the last few threads with my fingers.

The hi/lo lines are clamped down near the alarm siren. To get some ease of movement it's best to remove these clamps. I think I unbolted the alarm horn for access.

The expansion valve itself is held on by two 3mm hex screws. A common allen key is all that is necessary. Just unthread them, then again use your magnet (I have a pen style magnet) to extract them without dropping.

There's a heater hose in the vicinity. Unclamping it from the firewall fitting and moving it out of the way makes the task a bit easier.

Once you get the hang of it, it's about 15 minutes work.

I recommend using nylog (or some other o-ring sealer) when reinstalling. The expansion valve can be a bit tricky to get sealed well. It helps to alternately tighten the 3mm hex screws, sorta like torquing head bolts.

I used an aerosol flush. As I recall, it came with a plastic hose containing a rubber fitting. As such there was no need to get the can down to the evaporator tubes. My only concern with a flush gun is whether the gun needs to go all the way to the evaporator tube - that would be a tight fit, to say the least.

Using common plastic tubing to transfer the used solvent to a container worked fine for me. I don't think the tubing even needed to fit all that tightly.

- JimY
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